This list shows the percentage of the recommended daily intake (RDI) of this nutrient for adult woman for each food per medium serving size.

We have sorted the list, so the richest Iron containing foods are nearer the top.

Men can comfortably eat a range of foods that contain only moderate amounts of iron to have their iron needs met while a pregnant woman needs to be much more mindful of fulfilling their daily iron requirements.

Only 1 cup of Morel Mushrooms gives us about half our daily iron needs. However, they are hard to come by here in Australia, so grab a few when you see them. Appetizing as well.

Plant based sources of Iron

Plant based sources of Iron

NEVER increase iron intake from foods and especially supplements until a blood test has confirmed your body iron stores.

Iron is very damaging at high levels, and the presence of iron overload disorders like hemochromatosis or hepatitis C need to be ruled out before embarking on increasing your iron intake.

Iron from animal sources is usually better absorbed while concurrent ingestion of Vitamin C dramatically improves iron absorption.

Morel Mushrooms on plate - Pixaby

Morel Mushrooms on plate – Pixaby