These are a few Vegan food sources that contain generous amounts of Niacin.

An approximate serving size is shown, and the corresponding amount of this nutrient is shown as a daily percentage of the Recommended Intake for a woman of childbearing age.Men might eat a little more to get the same % while children could eat a little less to get the same percentage of daily Niacin requirements.

The amounts of this nutrient withing the particular food are approximated only – not absolutes. This is because many variable factors contribute to the final nutrient density like food cultivar and species, season, soil condition, preparation and cooking methods and more.

However, the list is useful none the less as a relative indication of which foods to aim for when needing to maintain adequate Niacin intake – particularly if one doesn’t eat animal products.

Most of the Nutrient Data comes from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), Agricultural Research Service, Nutrient Data Laboratory, September 2015. Vegan Niacin Sources

Other foods exist that also contain Niacin. We have chosen to focus predominantly on whole foods. The exception is the breakfast cereals below. They have been fortified with Niacin.

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