How can sitters be as healthy as possible using the knowledge tools of Nutrition, Lifestyle and Eating behaviors? Here are some topics that will be covered.

The 3 o’clock CRASH and the Energy Roller Coaster
The afternoon slump in an office environment is very common. And annoying. Let’s look at some strategies to fight this demon and keep our blood sugar levels away from the Energy Roller Coaster.

Peer Pressure at lunch time
Do you still care what people think of you? Unfortunately most of us still do and if so, we will “go along” – which, when it comes to food, means we end up eating stuff we know we shouldn’t. Much of what is available as lunch-time takeaway food, is well, yellow and brown fat and sugar saturated carbohydrate. Which brings us to…

The Gut – inside and out
An expanding waistline correlates with increased susceptibility to Insulin Resistance and other not to be ignored health dangers. How we can directly influence insulin action through what we eat and the nutrients needed will be looked at. The ecosystem of the bacteria in our gut, impacts our mood, our brain and especially our immune system. The type and quality of food we eat impacts upon this gut-bug diversity. We explore this.

Sunlight and Walking
Often in short supply in the sitters world. Not official nutrients with RDI values, but increasing evidence shows exceptional benefits of both – and nature often serves them up together. We look beyond just Vitamin D.

Brain fog, toxins, and allergens
In my clinic, we often use very specific evidence-based elimination diets to both cleanse the body (detox) and discover what the individual might be allergic or intolerant to. And guess what – it works – skin clears up, gut gets happier and brain fog lifts. Toxins slow you down. We talk about this and what contributes to an addled brain.

Office air, correct breathing and intense computer focus
Water is essential for good health. But so is good clean toxin-free air at the correct dose and frequency. Oxygen is a key nutrient and its supply to each of our cells is also regulated by HOW we breathe. An overly acid or even alkaline body state is partly influenced by what we eat but also by how we breathe.

Rest – it works for the Japanese and Google
Google have staff pods, and recent research has convinced the Japanese corporations that employees will be more productive if allowed short rest (sleep) breaks during the day. Rest and sleep are vital nutrients we calmly investigate and encourage.

Keeping your head above the office bug soup
Staying healthy during the flu season in an enclosed office environment or put more precisely, not yielding to illness, becomes the job of our highly evolved stealth immune system. However, it too needs key nutrients to feed its 24/7 surveillance system of white blood cells and antibodies. We will look at this.

Sitters use their brain – a lot
The brain is hard-wired, literally, to our gut. A gassy, slow, noisy, irritated digestive canal releases substances into your blood stream that penetrate the brains defense system called the Blood Brain Barrier and – play havoc. So, no surprise here, we look at optimizing digestive health.

Additionally, we will bring to light via the latest evidenced based research and understandings important nutrients, foods and choices that help our neurons liaise and even grow new connections.

OK. Fine. Just tell me – What nutrients do I need and how & where do I get them?
Fine. We will do just that.

So jump up, stand up and dance along to this delicious and nutritious learning journey.

Special thanks to Liz Moffitt for kick starting these articles