Welcome all Students
What do students rely on substantially to be successful in their studies and how can this be best supported via Nutrition, Lifestyle and Eating behaviors and knowledge?

Your Primary Asset

The brain. Your brain. And in some ways a no-brainer that this is one of your primary assets during an important study year. So over the course of these articles, we will bring to light via the latest evidenced based research and understandings vital nutrients, foods and choices that help our neurons grow and liaise and come exam time let them perform for you, the conductor, like a great symphony orchestra.

Ways that this knowledge can be practically implemented in our day to day study filled lives will not be forgotten. Tips and tricks for the busy student on hand to help. Strategies for the meal maker at home to save time (and $) and pack nutrients into a meal. And superfood recipes.

Get tested
Advances in laboratory testing have made it simple to find out crucial nutrient levels in our body. At the clinic, we routinely look at Iron, Vitamin B12, Folate, Vitamin D, Iodine, and others. If you are a vegan or even a vegetarian, don’t take a chance with your iron levels. Particularly if you are a menstruating woman.

Iron, of course, is used for hemoglobin, which in turn provides oxygen for our brain and nearly every cell in the body. Iron also is needed, independently, for energy production, and studies have shown that children can have learning constraints if they are low in iron.

No need to guess. We will look more at this and questions are welcome on post comments. Most tests are covered under Medicare.

Pixabay 2016 - Thinking Allowed

Pixabay 2016 – Thinking Allowed

Toxins slow you down
Toxic chemicals can impair neurotransmitter activity. Both known nasties and the more surreptitious exposures to these cognitive brake pedals will be looked at. Alcohol, particularly binge drinking, can affect both mood and your mental acumen. Latest research shows that a heavy drinking episode takes much longer to recover metabolically from than just a few days.

Auxiliary nutrients
These can significantly enhance cognitive and immune function, and we will cover topics like – sleep, hydration, sunlight, and walking.

24/7 Surveillance System

Staying healthy during the year or put more accurately, not yielding to illness, becomes the job of our highly evolved stealth immune system. However, it too needs vital nutrients to feed its 24/7 surveillance system of white blood cells and antibodies. We will look at this.

So buckle up and enjoy this delicious and nutritious learning journey.