Substances in food keep us alive. We call them nutrients. We can now identify, extract and synthesise them and to some extent, understand how they work within our bodies. Science calls some essential because their requirement in our cellular function is non-negotiable. How to get optimal amounts of them from clean whole-food is covered in this resource.

Food Synergy Book

However, it is propitious to view these 30 or so essential nutrients as guides on our quest for optimal health. Simply put, if we have them covered, then most assuredly we are also imbibing multifarious, wondrous and often natural medicinal substances direct from nature.

This is a collection of 42 Food Synergy Profiles that cover 27 essential nutrients. In its simplest form, these profiles give you an idea of which foods and food groups provide generous quantities of a particular nutrient. Each profile contains mostly whole-foods that are rich sources of a key nutrient. Each of the important food groups is represented.

I was told I need more Magnesium…

We often hear things like – Vitamin C is an essential anti-oxidant or recovering alcoholics need extra vitamin B1, or omega-3 fats are beneficial for brain and immune function. And we are frequently told Magnesium is good for muscle relaxation.

It could be that our doctor or health professional said: “get more zinc and fibre in your diet.” Or stay away from sugar (sucrose) foods.

These wholefood-nutrient snapshots quickly and easily direct you to lists of foods highest (and lowest) in a particular nutrient. Taking supplements should be an absolute last resort. After all, the is no multivitamin that has over 11,000 compounds that are available in a single leaf of spinach.

The Fifth Edition of the Whole Food & Nutrient Synergy Book has just been finished. A 300+ page book that has evolved over the last 5 years to now deliver an experience of learning, reference and fun about foods and the essential nutrients they contain. How to get optimal amounts of nutrients from clean whole-food is covered in this resource.

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