Nutrients important in sugar metabolism, insulin resistance and diabetes

Optimal Nutrition helps prevent Insulin Resistance (IR) and Diabetes When speaking about health and nutrition, we often find it hard to believe that a serious disease like diabetes can be positively influenced by our inner nutrient balance. Key Nutrients Nutrients are now known to play key roles in the prevention, and the minimisation of symptoms and [...]

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Diabetes: Nutrition or Medication

The degree to which Drugs prevent Type 2 diabetes is mediocre in comparison to the effectiveness of diet and life interventions. Diabetes is often thought of as a sugar and insulin disorder with serious side effects if ignored or left untreated. Rarely do we consider that diabetes, like other modern chronic conditions, can be an outcome [...]

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The highs and lows of Iron – Haemochromatosis

Iron is very damaging at high levels, and the presence of iron overload disorders like hemochromatosis or hepatitis C need to be ruled out before embarking on increasing your iron intake. Iron from animal sources is usually better absorbed while concurrent ingestion of Vitamin C dramatically improves iron absorption. Like calcium, iron insufficiency can remain undetected [...]

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Nutrition is an underrated part of health care

Nourishing our mortal frame has been on our minds since we acquired the ability to think. What we ate was driven by instinct, trial, and error and raw survival needs. Culture, tribal customs and eventually an agriculture based civilization lead to the imposition of specific eating regimes upon the individual. All this time the more aware [...]

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Get body nutrient levels tested

Lab tests and nutrient status Nutrients keep the body humming along and many acts as cofactors for life-sustaining multi-enzyme pathways within our bodies. Toxins, at high enough levels, might be thought of as anti-nutrients because often they block these crucial enzyme pathways. Nutrition & Medicine use simple non-invasive laboratory tests to establish nutrient and toxin levels [...]

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Pregnant woman need triple amounts of iron

Requirements for Iron varies widely amongst gender. Adult men require about 8 mg per day while pregnant women need up to 27 mg per day. Reproductive age women need about 18 mg/day due to iron losses during menstruation. Australian Recommended Dietary Intake for IRON Even though the body has mechanisms to facilitate high conservation [...]

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Responsible Wellness Management

by Massiel Barros-Torning As someone who has several medical issues to deal with, I’ve got some key strategies for managing my wellness responsibly. Keep good records Build a good network of complimentary health specialists Stay informed Research Keep good records – If you need to take regular medication daily, perhaps several medications daily, do you log this [...]

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Nutrition for the Sedentary Part 1

How can sitters be as healthy as possible using the knowledge tools of Nutrition, Lifestyle and Eating behaviors? Here are some topics that will be covered. The 3 o’clock CRASH and the Energy Roller Coaster The afternoon slump in an office environment is very common. And annoying. Let’s look at some strategies to fight this demon [...]

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Nutrition for Students Part 2

The brain Your brain. And in some ways a no-brainer that this organ serves an important function during a brain-expanding learning year. So let’s optimise it using food, knowledge of nutrients and what’s available in this season. Having a mentor for this knowledge while at School, Uni or TAFE can save you lots of anxiety and [...]

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Nutrition for Students – Part 1

Welcome all Students What do students rely on substantially to be successful in their studies and how can this be best supported via Nutrition, Lifestyle and Eating behaviors and knowledge? Your Primary Asset The brain. Your brain. And in some ways a no-brainer that this is one of your primary assets during an important study year. [...]

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Nutrition for the Sedentary Part 2

Who are sitters in any case? Adults with a mobility disability, those recovering from trauma or accident, older sedentary adults, those of us with oodles sedentary leisure time, those of us abducted daily by the TV vortex, armchair athletes (social+beer+sport+gaming), and finally, office workers and students. So whatever the reason, let’s explore some of the health [...]

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