Persimmons deliver abundantly on Copper, Fibre, B6 and Manganese

Persimmons are becoming popular in Australia. Recently tried some from a grower down in Coffs Harbour, NSW and they were a delightful surprise, especially when fully ripe. Astringent versus non-astringent One can grow an old-fashioned astringent variety or one of the newer non-astringent types. According to Maggie Beer from the 2010 Gardening Australia Magazine, "Astringent persimmons [...]

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Cheese, bones and milk

Digestible bones (tinned Sardines and Salmon) are a great source of calcium. Soaking dried corn kernels in lime water makes them absorb calcium. This is sheer nature magic and wisdom combined. In Mexico, corn tortilla is the most widely consumed staple food. The corn dough used for tortilla preparation is traditionally prepared by boiling corn in [...]

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